Northfields Executive Village - PRICE LIST

IPM Realty : Northfields Executive Village For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 1,700,000 115 Other Cuts Available
Amara ₱ 3,800,000 LA : 100 / FA: 59.89 Other Cuts Available
Bella ₱ 4,300,000 LA : 100 / FA: 72.95 Other Cuts Available
Joanne 2 ₱ 4,300,000 LA : 115 / FA: 67.08 Other Cuts Available
Roseanne 2 ₱ 5,200,000 LA : 115 / FA: 91.94 Other Cuts Available

Reservation Fee: Php 30,000
30% downpayment payable in 24 mos, 70% balance bank financing

The best reason for buying a home at Northfields Executive Village though is not perhaps the quality up-scale housing or the idyllic location, perhaps not even the excellent amenities that are all available in the village. Perhaps the best reason to buy a home at Northfields Executive Village is that it is an excellent investment for the future.

With the increase in industrial businesses which the City of Malolos has experienced in the last two decades and no reason to suspect that those increases will not continue well into the future, the value of all the city’s properties will continue to increase, probably at faster rates than they will anywhere else in the country.

Northfields Executive Village is therefore a great investment both financially and in the well-being and lifestyle of your family. With less stress induced by long commutes, short distances to travel for recreational and shopping trips plus, all the amenities available in the Village, residents can enjoy a full, active but also relaxing lifestyle free from stress and the continual noise associated with city life.

Being in the suburbs of a growing city also has many other advantages like being able to attend opening events and knowing exactly where new entertainment or recreational facilities are being built but not being smothered by them. It also means that you can take in the fresh air which is often an unknown experience for those that live in the heart of the city. The fact that the village has an entrance gate also means that you can be assured of the security of your house and family, even if you are at work.

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