Northfields Executive Village - AMENITIES

With a development with the high standard of housing and opportunities for a sophisticated lifestyle which the Northfields Executive Village affords it is understandable that the level of amenities provided by the developer are also of a high standard, complimenting the idyllic lifestyle offered by the village. These amenities include:

Grand Clubhouse – This is an on-site venue available for all types of functions including work socials, family reunions or even a neighbourhood party.

Grand Clubhouse Gymnasium – Unlike many of the growing number of people that use a gym to work out today, residents will not have to travel miles wasting time getting to and from the gym, theirs is easily and quickly assessable in the village.

Swimming Pool – The only thing better than spending a relaxing time in a swimming pool on the week-end, is the knowledge that you don’t have to face a long drive in wet clothes afterwards and so having a pool available, in the village, for the use of residents, is a big plus on any home owners list of preferences.

Picturesque Wadding Pool – Although having a swimming pool nearby is great, also having a wading pool where children can play separately from the adults is even better. A shallow pool is an ideal place for children to have hours of fun in safety.

Basketball and Tennis Courts – Having basketball and tennis courts in the village means that those that want to keep fit, do not have to endure the sometimes boring and excessive gymnasium regimes plus, they can take part in some friendly neighbourhood rivalry at the same time.

Parks – Regardless of how nice a home is, it is always good to be able to take a walk in the fresh air from time to time and the provision of parks in the village means that when you take those walks, you do not have to spend half the time dodging traffic.

Playgrounds – Although children love pools, there are times when you rather they did not spend all day in the water and so the availability of playgrounds in the village means that they can take part in other fun activities and still be away from the sometimes busy traffic that modern roads present.

Landscaped Entrance and Gate – Although not actually an amenity, it is always good to have a landscaped gate at the entrance to any residential area. The gate of course helps to ensure the security of the village but the landscaping of the gate presents an impressive greeting for any visitors and a welcoming return for any residents.

With the amenities provided in the village by the developer, many residents will scarcely have to leave the village for any social or leisurely activities and due to the nearby facilities, when they do they will not have to face long drives for most of their other needs.

Unlike in a city environment, thanks to many of the houses having their own provision for a car port and the concrete roads being sufficiently wide, driving or parking your car anywhere in the village is not a problem.  

  • Host functions and family affairs in the Grand Clubhouse
  • Work those muscles at the Grand Clubhouse Gym
  • Freshen-up in the Swimming Pool
  • Delight in the picturesque Wadding Pool
  • Play to your hearts’ content at the Basketball and Tennis Courts
  • Bond with your loved ones in the Parks and Playgrounds
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate
  • Guardhouse
  • Spacious Concrete Roads
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Centralized Water System
  • Complete Electrical System
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